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2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hatchery Operations Certificate

NIC’s Hatchery Operations certificate provides you with in-demand skills to support fish stock enhancement through aquaculture production in freshwater fish hatcheries.

The program curriculum focuses on hatchery operations with a specialization in fish culture. The concept of fish enhancement program will be introduced including important knowledge about aquatic ecology in relation to fish stock enhancement.  The curriculum includes technical aspects of fish hatchery production, with a primary focus on healthy fish development and seedling production critical to stock enhancement for improved conservation. You’ll also learn identification of different species of fish, familiarization of the external and internal fish anatomy, life cycle and migration, important reproductive physiology and osmoregulatory function.


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Admission Requirements


Or successful completion of FSK 030  if the above requirements are not met.

  1. High School graduation is preferred provided the applicant meets or exceeds the stated prerequisites.

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Completion Requirements

  • You will be required to achieve a minimum C (Letter Grade Scale 2) in each of HTC 100  , HTC 101  , HTC 102  , HTC 103  , HTC 104  , and HTC 105   and a pass in HTC 106   and all industry certificate courses to achieve program completion.
  • You must complete the program within three years.
  • You must complete 100% of the program at NIC.