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2023-2024 Academic Calendar 
2023-2024 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learn More About Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship Harmonized

To Be Successful

  • You will find greater ease and success in your training if your abilities in mathematics, reading and writing are at a sufficient level. NIC Assessment Services is available to provide math and English assessments year-round. If you need to refresh your skills or upgrade in a few areas, those classes are available at NIC.
  • You are encouraged to develop a workplace plan with your employer to make sure you are practicing all related trade skills.
  • School training periods can be very intense, especially because of the quantity of reading you will be required to do. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to complete readings in advance.

Supply List

NIC is pleased to make tools available to students in exchange for a refundable tool deposit. The deposit is not included in your tuition and will be returned at the end of the term if all tools and tags are returned in an acceptable condition. Tools will not be distributed without proof of payment from the Registration Office.

You are also responsible for having the following basic supplies:

  • CSA approved safety glasses with side shields
  • Hearing protection (form fitted or disposable earplugs)
  • CSA Steel toe leather boots
  • Sharp electronic calculator (# EL-520WBBK or EL-520X)
  • HB pencils
  • hi-lite marker
  • two 2” binders and note paper
  • drafting equipment: available at the NIC bookstore
    • Set square - 30/60/90 degree, Staedtler 964 12-60
    • Set square - 45/45/90 degree, Staedtler 964 12-45
    • Scale ruler, Imperial, Architects, Staedtler 987 18-31
    • Scale ruler, Metric, Staedtler 987 18-SI
    • Drawing compass, 559-02
    • Good quality white eraser
    • Non-mechanical pencils in: .3mm lead in 6H lead; .5mm in 2H & 4H lead; .9mm in 2H lead
  • Staedtler flexible line marker 571 60-400
  • Sellstrom clear full-face shield with tinted flip up visor (shade 5) (optional see instructor)
  • hearing protection (form fitted or disposable earplugs)
  • tip cleaners (long sets)
  • striker (3 flint style)
  • cotton work clothes
  • leather jacket and apron (see instructor before purchasing)
  • welding gloves (finger style)
  • welding hat
  • welding helmet (see instructor before purchasing)
  • cutting goggles (must fit over safety glasses) or full-face shield with flip up shade 5 cutting lens
  • wire feed pliers (optional - replaces slip joint pliers and diagonal cutters)
  • wire brush
  • chipping hammer
  • tape measure both imperial and metric * check with instructor prior to purchasing