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2022-2023 Academic Calendar 
2022-2023 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Childhood Care & Education Certificate

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Make a difference in the lives of young children by providing quality care and education for healthy learning and development. Specialize your skills while you apply theory to practice with children ages 30 months to five years in a variety of early care and learning settings. Dual credit options are also available, speak to a recruiter for more details.

To view program start dates, locations, delivery methods and other important information, visit the program page.



Admission Requirements

  2. A signed Requisite Skills and Abilities (RSA) document. The RSA document describes the requirements for practice in early childhood care and education. Prospective students need to review these and decide whether they believe they are able to meet them. Should you have concerns about being able to meet the RSA’s, please contact the ECCE Department Chair.

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Priority Admission for Aboriginal Applicants

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has provided Special Program approval to allow priority admission for a selected number of self-declared Aboriginal applicants to this program beginning in September 2013. For more information please refer to NIC’s Aboriginal Education Services program page or contact an Aboriginal educational advisor at your local campus.

Before Classes Begin

Once accepted to the program, but before classes begin, the student will be required to:

  1. Complete a Solicitor General Consent for Criminal Record Search form. This form will be sent to you from the admissions office once you are offered a seat in the program. Processing costs will be incurred by the student.
  2. Hold a current Child Care First Aid certificate OR take the required course offered at North Island College during the first month of the full time program. Students who provide proof of a current equivalent certificate are not required to duplicate this training. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain certification throughout the program.
  3. Full-time students will be required to submit a Portfolio containing the following documentation on the first day of class. Note: Part-time students will be required to submit the portfolio and their First Aid certificate to their practicum instructor before beginning their practice placements.
    • Completed Personal Immunization form. This form will be sent to you by the admissions office when you have a seat in the program. It must be validated by a health care professional, ie. a physician or public health nurse at your local health unit.
    • Two (2) character reference letters attesting to your good character, temperament and ability to work with children.
    • A current resume.


Completion Requirements

  1. Attendance is required in all courses. Students who miss more than 10% of a course may be asked to repeat the course for credit.
  2. To complete the program, students must successfully complete all courses with an overall average of C (2.0 GPA) and a minimum of C- in each course. A student who fails any course in the program cannot progress until the course is passed.
    In order to repeat a course, the student must reapply to the program in a subsequent offering of the same term in which the failure occurred providing there is an available seat. If in repeating the course, the student fails again, then the student will be removed entirely from the program and can only re-enter by going through the admission process. Please note that the student may be required to begin at Term 1. A student who has failed a course, re-entered the program and successfully repeated the failed course, and then fails another course, will be removed entirely from the program and can only re-enter by through the admission process. Please note that the student may be required to begin at term one of the academic year.
    Re-entering the program under any circumstance is dependent on an available seat and at the discretion of the Early Childhood Care and Education department and in consultation with the Dean. Students who fail a course may be asked to complete a learning assessment prior to being reconsidered for re- admission. These regulations are important to the profession to ensure that graduates have the required skills and knowledge, and are therefore deemed safe to practice.
  3. Students are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia. Failure to adhere to these principles may result in the student being required to leave the program.