Nov 26, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electronics Technician Core Certificate

Learn the required skills to repair, maintain and install electronic circuits and equipment. Hands-on experiments teach you the correct use of tools, test equipment, troubleshooting procedures and soldering techniques. You will accumulate approximately 700 hours of hands-on lab time.


Tuition and Costs       

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Admission Requirements

  1.   , and
  2. C+ in one of Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12, Foundations of Math 11, Pre-Calculus 11, NIC MAT 053 , NIC MAT 055  or NIC math assessment.
  3. High School graduation is preferred provided the applicant meets or exceeds the stated prerequisites.

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Completion Requirements

To pass the program you are required to attain a minimum of C in each course.