May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Calendar 
2024-2025 Academic Calendar

Aircraft Structures Technician (AME-S)

Learn about the basic theory of flight, aircraft systems, construction and Transport Canada regulatory requirements while learning to build and repair aircraft structures. You will work with sheet metal, tubular, composite, wood and fabric structures as you develop skills in the fabrication and repair of metal skins and structures along with the repair and installation of components made from wood, plastics and composite construction.




Admission Requirements

  •  , and
  • C+ in one of Principles of Math 10, Applications of Math 11, Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11, Workplace Math 11, Foundations of Math 11, NIC MAT 034  , or successful NIC Math assessment.
  • High School graduation is preferred provided the applicant meets or exceeds the stated prerequisites.


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Completion Requirements

As it is the intention that graduates of this program will work in the aerospace industry, this program will incorporate expectations governing evaluation and attendance as developed by this industry.

  • All theoretical and practical post examination reviews will be conducted and corrected to 100% with the intent of demonstrated competency in each subject area.
  • Post examinations will be applied to that portion of a topic where a student has achieved less than a C. Regular and consistent attendance is mandatory.