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2024-2025 Academic Calendar 
2024-2025 Academic Calendar

College Policies

The following is a selection of policies that pertain directly to student life at North Island College.  

1-01-Freedom of Information/ Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)

North Island College keeps information under the authority of the College and Institute Act. North Island College protects and uses student record information in compliance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1992). Information will be used for the purposes of admission, registration, grade notification, issuing income tax receipts, research, sending followup educational information, contacting alumni, special events, advising follow-up, and other fundamental activities related to being a member of the North Island College community and attending a public post-secondary institution in BC. For further information, contact the Office of the Registrar. The BC government requires the collection of student demographic information during application and registration to accurately assign a unique identifier for everyone accessing publicly funded education in BC. The use of the Personal Education Number (PEN) for this process has been agreed to in principle by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner.  Read full policy

2-08-Human Rights

The College is committed to providing a working and learning environment that promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and human rights. Discrimination and harassment undermine this commitment and are serious offences that may be subject to a range of disciplinary measures, including, where appropriate, dismissal in the case of an employee and suspension in the case of a student. The objectives of this Policy are to prevent discrimination and harassment on the grounds protected by the BC Human Rights Code, to provide procedures for handling complaints, to establish the grounds for corrective measures and/or discipline, and to ensure that all members of the College community are aware of their responsibilities under this Policy and the BC Human Rights Code. The College will ensure that this policy and its procedures are interpreted, administered and applied in a fair, reasonable, unbiased and timely manner. It is recognized that academic freedom is an important value of North Island College. This policy will be interpreted in light of our commitment to this value. Students are encouraged to request assistance from a counsellor or campus director if they think that they are being harassed.   Read full policy

3-06-Community Code of Conduct 

North Island College is a vibrant community involved in teaching, learning, applied research, and other educational activities. The college is committed to fostering a culture of integrity, mutual respect, and responsible behaviours to provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all. The purpose of this policy is to describe the principles, definitions, expectations, and responsibilities that support a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment as they pertain to personal and professional conduct, bullying and cyberbullying, violence against person and property, and academic integrity.  Read full policy

3-08-President’s Award

Each award period, the President will recognize students who have achieved the highest standing within the defined award categories. The recipients of the awards will include students in a certificate level program, a diploma-level program, the Adult Basic Education program, the Academic English Language program, the University Transfer program, and in a bachelor degree program. These students will be awarded the President’s Award. Read full policy.

3-17-Instructional Accommodation and Access Services for Students with Disabilities 

North Island College (NIC) celebrates diversity within its community and will promote an open, respectful, barrier-free and supportive learning environment for students with disabilities. Instructional accommodations and accessible learning services shall be provided in a manner supportive of and consistent with our educational mandate, academic principles and legal obligations. The intent is to provide students with an equal opportunity to succeed through the administration of reasonable accommodations.  Read full policy.

3-21-Dean’s Honour Roll

Each academic year, the Deans recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in their program of study. These students are named on the Dean’s Honour Roll.  Read full policy

3-22-Program and Course Credentials

North Island College (NIC) recognizes student achievement by awarding credentials according to established guidelines. Read full policy. 

3-30-Student Appeals

This policy guides the College in resolving appeals from: • Student Complaint Resolution Policy #3-31 • Student Conduct Policy #3-06 North Island College will carry out a fair and timely appeal process in accordance with the principles of natural justice. However, North Island College’s appeal process is not a judicial process.  Read full policy.

3-31-Student Complaint Resolution

This policy is to be followed in the event of a student initiated complaint regarding instruction or services at North Island College. A student may wish to seek advice from an NIC counsellor to ensure that this policy is appropriate to the concern being raised. The goal of the Student Complaint Resolution policy is timely and successful resolution of the complaint. North Island College has a commitment to provide quality education and service to its students. However, in an organization as diverse as a college where personal growth occurs and assumptions are regularly challenged, problems may arise. We are committed to an open, collaborative approach to dealing with student concerns, and we will endeavor to resolve complaints at an informal level wherever possible. Should this not be successful, students have the option of initiating a formal complaint. Lodging a complaint will have no adverse consequences on the status of the complainant in their course or program of studies.  Read full policy.

3-33-Evaluation of Student Performance 

North Island College requires that all courses leading to an Academic Program Credential or a learning pathway include evaluations of student performance that are prepared and administered in a fair and reasonable manner, with quality and content appropriate to the learning outcomes of the course or program. Student performance is evaluated to ensure learning outcomes are met, as set out in the Authorized Course Description (ACD).  Read full policy.

3-34-Sexual Violence and Misconduct

North Island College is committed to providing all members of the college community with a safe and secure environment free from all forms of sexual violence and misconduct. The college will ensure that complainants are supported when addressing any allegations and violations of this policy.  Read full policy.

3-35-Course Outline 

North Island College will provide students with a course outline (also called a syllabus) for all courses that have an authorized course description (ACD). The course outline provides information about course content, evaluation and course delivery. The course outline is considered a contract between the student and the college and must be consistent with the ACD.  Read full policy.

3-36-President’s Community Engagement Award 

Each award period, the president may recognize an outstanding student or students who have furthered the relationship between the College and our larger communities and/or demonstrated exemplary contributions to the College community. There is the possibility for an awardee/awardees from each NIC campus though the award is not necessarily presented in each graduation year.  Read full policy.

3-37-Academic Standing & Progression

North Island College recognizes that students undertake significant efforts to meet their educational goals. North Island College strives to provide a supportive learning environment to facilitate students’ achievement of their academic goals. To do this, the college has a responsibility to support student progress and identify students at risk in order to encourage student use of the breadth of learning resources. Read full policy.

4-04-Tuition, Fees And Refunds

Students must pay their tuition and related fees or make approved alternate arrangements by the published deadlines, to secure their application and/or enrollment at NIC. All fees, except tuition, are non-refundable; payment and refund deadlines may vary by course and/or program and are published. See Key Dates for more information.  Read full policy.


To be eligible to register in courses, students must be admitted to a program of study. Students are responsible for the accuracy of registration in courses that meet their personal, educational and career needs. Students are responsible for registering in courses that do not create a conflict within their timetable. NIC will establish priority registration dates. Students may repeat a course a maximum of 2 times. Students must meet course prerequisites and pay full fees by the deadlines posted. Students registered in credit courses have priority over audit students. The Office of the Registrar may deregister students who do not meet prerequisites, or pay by the posted deadline dates. Read full policy

4-14-Grading System

The Grading Policy establishes how North Island College will clearly and precisely communicate a student’s level of achievement in courses and programs. The policy will define the North Island College grading system, ensure its consistency and integrity, and inform the North Island College community and other post-secondary institutions of the grading systems.  Read full policy


To be admitted to the College, an applicant must have graduated high school or equivalent, or be 18 years of age or older within the calendar year in which they will be studying or meet the underage admission requirements as outlined in the Underage Admission Procedures available in the Office of the Registrar. High School students may apply as a Dual Credit student and should refer to their high school counsellor for more details. North Island College normally offers program seats to qualified applicants on a ‘first qualified, first invited’ basis, based on the date and time that the applicant meets all admission requirements. Exceptions may include programs with identified selective admissions criteria, or where there is identified priority admission for Aboriginal applicants or reserved seating agreements with community partners. These exceptions will be posted in the calendar on the NIC website.  Read full policy.