Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Calendar 
2022-2023 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ILF - 111 Pathways to Reconciliation and Social Action

3 Credit(s)
This course will help you envision how Indigenous histories, perspectives, worldviews, and approaches to learning must be considered in the work we do in our classrooms, organizations and communities to advance Reconciliation and the Calls to Action. The course will include an examination of pre-colonial Indigenous ways of knowing and historical relationships, colonial contexts and political influences that have impacted Indigenous peoples and communities. The ramifications of colonization will be explored in conjunction with Indigenous response, resistance and renewal. The course will include an examination of the Truth and Reconciliation process, the 94 Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous People, coupled with an examination of how Indigenization processes, the Social Determinants of Health and Unesco’s Sustainable Development Goals pertain to Indigenous sovereignty, language revitalization, social equity and the restoration of wellness and healing for Indigenous people.


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