Jun 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Calendar 
2024-2025 Academic Calendar

ENG - 166 Effective Organizational Communications

3 Credit(s)
ENG 166 focuses on the oral and written communication skills required to function in administrator and leadership positions within Aboriginal organizations and communities. Students will examine and practice the writing process in various capacities specific, but not always limited, to Aboriginal organizations, including email etiquette, minute-taking, briefing notes, and professional letter writing. Students will also learn reporting processes, both written and electronic, with a particular focus in INAC and other provincial and national Aboriginal funding organizations. Finally, students will gain research skills necessary to access and apply to funding sources, and to write formal reports that will include a proposal, executive summary, and formal report with appropriate APA formatting and references. Students may not receive credit for ENG 166 if they have successfully completed ENG 160 .

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