Mar 27, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Calendar 
2022-2023 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learn More About Employment Transition

The Employment Transition program is a supportive program that teaches students the work, life, and interpersonal skills needed to prepare for employment. The program is designed to prepare students for employment, supported work, volunteer positions, or further skills training.

Course offerings for the Employment Transition program change from year to year based on enrolment and community need. The program runs from September to April, with intake and registration in May. Interested students are asked to contact the instructors eight months prior to the start of the program so that the department is aware of your needs and interests.

Subject to funding availability, students also have the option to participate in unpaid work experience practicums. The type of positions will depend on the students, their areas of interest, their aptitudes, and the types of jobs available in the local community. Total program hours vary.

To Be Successful

Students must successfully complete a successful work experience coordinated by North Island College or with an affiliate authorized by the College. 

Students should have an interest and motivation to participate in learning about the world of work. They must be able to work successfully in a group setting or be provided appropriate support by the referring agency. As well, they must be able to arrange transportation to and from classes and other resources that are needed for their ongoing support while at college. 

Career Opportunities

Depending on your skills, you may exit to competitive employment, supported work, volunteer positions or further specific skills training. Types of employment will range according to your ability, interests and the local labour market.