Jan 17, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar

Metal Fabricator Foundation Harmonized

The Metal Fabricator Foundation Harmonized program offers pre-apprenticeship training in metal fabrication but is also for welders who wish to broaden their skills for employment in this Red Seal trade. Previous welding experience can be assessed by an instructor before admission to this program.  Metal fabricators build, assemble and repair products made of steel and/or other metals for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and construction industries and must be familiar with the properties of metals and know how to operate specialized metalworking machines.  You will learn the principles, knowledge and skills involved in metal fabrication. During the 23-week program, you will develop advanced skills and acquire the basic knowledge necessary for employment as an entry-level metal fabricator.  On successful completion of this program and upon entering into an apprenticeship, you will be eligible to receive technical training credit for Level 1 and 450 hours of work-based credit toward your apprenticeship hours requirement.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are prepared for a career as a metal fabricator apprentice in industries such as metal fabrication shops, mining, oil and gas, construction, sawmills, boat building and more.


Tuition and Costs   

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Admission Requirements

  3. High school graduation is preferred provided the applicant meets or exceeds the stated prerequisites.

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Course Requirements

Completion Requirements

Students will be required to achieve a minimum C in each course to pass the program. 

Student will be required to pass all industry certificate courses to achieve program completion requirements