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2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma-Adventure Guiding Option

The adventure guiding option is designed for students who wish to have it all - to gain the skills necessary to be an adventure guide working in the outdoors but who also want to gain the business skills necessary to operate or own an adventure business. In your first year, you will receive a balance of hands-on learning and theoretical classroom learning. You will develop essential knowledge for working across cultures, with consideration toward environmental sustainability and risk management. In your second year, you will develop a broader understanding of the tourism sector while further refining your field guiding skills. This diploma option pairs our popular Adventure Guiding Certificate  with elements of the Tourism & Hospitality Management diploma.


Tuition and Costs    

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Admission Requirements

  3. Adventure Guiding option applicants must also complete the medical forms and physician’s assessment as required for admission to the Adventure Guiding Certificate.

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Course Requirements

Year 1

Year 1 and parts of year 2 of the Adventure Guiding option are offered on a cost recovery basis. Tuition for the field focused skills reflects the cost of delivery and industry certification. This diploma option pairs our popular Adventure Guiding Certificate   program with elements of the Tourism & Hospitality Management diploma.

NOTE: This year of the program is contingent on sufficient student demand.

Field Focused

Year 2

Completion Requirements

This is a two year program requiring completion within five years of admission.

To successfully complete the program, students must pass all courses and attain an overall average of C (2.0).