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2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Services-Educational Assistant/Community Support, Indigenous Focus Certificate

The program provides a base for enhancing communication skills and critical analysis.  Learn a variety of frameworks for analyzing the structure of problems within society and will explore different models for supporting families and individuals.  Study human development through the lifespan as well as have opportunities to explore in-depth theories, skills and positive behaviour support strategies. Learn to support the health and wellness of individuals through supervised placements in a community agency and school settings, as well as weekly seminars where you will discuss ethical issues and reflect upon your practice experiences.  Explore in-depth theories, skills and supports required for education assistance and community support work.


Tuition and Costs   

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Admission Requirements

  1. Completed 20 hours volunteer work and HSW Professional Reference Information Sheet.
  2. Signed Human Services Requisite Skills and Abilities document.
  3. 300-word HSW Letter of Intent coming into the program and career goals.

Upgrade with us  

Priority Admission for Aboriginal Applicants

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has provided Special Program approval to allow priority admission for a selected number of self-declared Aboriginal applicants to this program beginning in September 2013. For more information please refer to NIC’s Aboriginal Education Services program page, or contact an Aboriginal Advisor at your local campus.

Before Classes Begin

Once accepted to the program but before classes begin, you will be required to:

  • attend a group information session. This mandatory session is designed to assist students in making an informed decision about pursuing a career in Human Services. The admissions department will send you an invitation with details regarding the date and time of the information session.
  • hold a current Standard First Aid certification with CPR Level C that will remain valid through to the end of the program.
  • submit a Criminal Record Check Permission form, which will be sent to you by Admissions once you have been offered a seat in the program.
  • complete a Personal Immunization form. This form will be sent to you by the admissions office when you have a seat in the program. It must be validated by the public health nurse at your local health unit.

Note: Human services students are not required to meet the PSY 130 and PSY 131 prerequisites for registering in PSY 250 and PSY 251. If you choose to work toward a degree, you may be required to complete PSY 130 and PSY 131.

HSW 176 and HSW 177 are not university transferable. If you choose to work toward a degree program, you may be required to take PSY 250 and PSY 251.

If you wish to reduce your workload, you can take ENG 116 before entering the program.

Course Requirements

Completion Requirements

  1. A letter grade of C (60%) or better in all classes.
  2. A letter grade of P (Pass) in all Practicum courses.
  3. You must receive a letter grade of C (60%) or better in all certificate courses (HSW, SSW, PSY 250  and PSY 251 ) to be promoted from one term to the next term. If you fail any course in the program you cannot progress until the course is passed. ENG 116   courses are not a requirement of progression but must be completed with a grade of C (60%) or better in order to obtain the credential.
    In order to repeat a course, you must reapply to the program in a subsequent offering of the same term in which the failure occurred providing there is an available seat. If in repeating the course, you fail again, then you will be removed entirely from the program and can only re-enter by going through the admission process. Please note that you may be required to begin at term one.
    If you failed a course, re-entered the program and successfully repeated the failed course, and then fail another course, you will be removed entirely from the program and can only re-enter by through the admission process. Please note that you may be required to begin at term one.
    Re-entering the program under any circumstance is dependent on an available seat and at the discretion of the human services department and in consultation with the Dean. If you fail a course, you may be asked to complete a learning assessment prior to being reconsidered for re-admission. These regulations are important to the profession to ensure that graduates have the required skills and knowledge, and are therefore deemed safe to practice.
  4. All students are required to adhere to the program expectations document. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in your being required to leave the program.