Jan 17, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar

HRT - 030 CPR Instructors Course

28 hours
This course is designed to qualify instructors for delivery of all CPR and AED level courses using standardized Curriculum and Learning Outcomes. Course content follows the First Aid Instructor’s Manual and includes skill assessment, Facilitation philosophy, Administration, PDT, CPR course outlines. Upon completion Instructors will be qualified to prepare, deliver and evaluate CPR students. NOTE: Skill testing in the course is not a relearning opportunity. Candidates whose skills are not up to standard will not be permitted to attend the remainder of the course. (CPR Instructor certification with an expiry date of three years from the last day of the month the course was completed.)

  • All Instructor & Instructor Recertification courses must be reviewed by the NIC Department prior to Registration as follows: 18 years of age or older at the start of the course; CPR Level HCP. Post Requisites(s)8 hours co-teach (recommended to c0-teach a Level “C”) unless specified by the Instructor Trainer, Co-teaching MUST be done within 1 year of completing the Instructor course, with a current FAI or CPRI who has 2 years or more of teaching experience or IT.

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