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2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
2021-2022 Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learn More About Culinary Business Operations Certificate

The program includes 18 credit courses, totaling 51.5 credits, 1275 hours of theory and lab and 430 hours of co-op.

Skills and knowledge developed through the program include:

  • Culinary, food and beverage industry occupational skills and standards
  • Professional cook short order preparation and service
  • Professional cook soup and sauce specialties
  • Professional cook vegetables, starches, and fruits
  • Professional cook protein cookery
  • Professional cook baked goods
  • Professional cook desserts and artisan breads
  • Regional products and procurement
  • Front of house and technology
  • Customer service and industry engagement
  • The Restaurant - service and operations
  • The Bistro - service and operations
  • Applied computer and mathematics skills for industry
  • Equipment set-up, safety, operation and maintenance
  • Business communications
  • Essential work-place skills
  • Career planning

Transfer and Pathways 

Graduates of NIC’s Culinary Business Operations Certificate or Professional Cook Level 2 are eligible to enter Year 2 of the Institute of Technology, Tralee Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary.

On successful completion of the Higher Certificate, a student may progress to Year 3 of the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts.

Graduates of NIC’s Culinary Business Operations Diploma or Professional Cook Level 3 are eligible to enter Year 3 of the Bachelor of Business Arts in Culinary Arts at IT Tralee.

Supply List


  • four 2” three-ring binders
  • paper, pens, pencils, highlighter
  • metric conversion calculator, Sharp EL-520WBBK recommend
  • texts for the program (available at the NIC Bookstore)

Note: The following supplies are also mandatory but do not purchase until after the first day of class upon consultation with the instructor:

  • french knife - 10”
  • boning knife - 6”
  • paring knife - 3” or 4”
  • bread knife
  • carving knife
  • steel - 14”
  • vegetable peeler (floater type)
  • parisienne scoop
  • instant read thermometer
  • citrus zester
  • carrying case
  • digital timer.
  • digital scale
  • pastry scraper
  • WCB-approved footwear - non-slip soles, closed toe shoes
  • uniform: chef jacket, black and white check pants, four-way or bib apron (minimum three sets of each)
  • black pill box hat
  • bar wipes (12)